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Official Community Channel

#TechMasters is the official community chat channel for:

  • FullStack Toronto
  • DevTO
  • Firesideconf
  • ProductHuntTO

Rich Channels & Discussions


The general channel is a place for Tech Masters to meet others Masters of their respective Tech fields, and to introduce themselves and discuss topics that don't quite fit in the other channels


Business Strategy, Business News, and Business Intelligence... If it has anything to do with Business, this is the place to talk about it!


Is your company hiring? Do you want to be hired? Post your jobs and requests here! Don't forget to /invite anyone to this channel who is looking or posting


when #programming questions get too detailed, use this channel to cut the noise and do 1:1 debugging with others


As Arthur C. Clarke once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." ... But we Tech Masters know better, don't we? Let's talk about the tech we know and want to know.


Edward Teller once said, "The #science of today is the #technology of tomorrow." Let's talk about the things that will amaze us tomorrow!